Online Piano Course for Beginners with Luciano Alves

Kid playing piano and keyboard. Piano course for beginners with Luciano Alves.

Online Piano Course for Beginners with teacher Luciano Alves.

Pay only once for the entire course and study at home, according to your time availability.


  • 180 Lessons
  • 56 Songs
  • 14 Practice activities
  • 21 Tests
  • 16 Quizzes
  • 150 Sheet music and examples in PDF
  • 22 Technique exercises
  • 19 Theory classes
  • Various accompaniment lessons (ballad, rock, jazz, blues etc.)

In addition, the course offers lifetime access, availability also for iOS or Android phones, and upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion. That’s why this course complete! However, you should try to study daily. Thus you will progress quickly.

This course was specially created for beginners and for those who wish to resume their studies.

Through enjoyable practical and theoretical lessons, Luciano reveals precious tips and tricks for students of all ages who wish to enter or to improve their knowledge in the wonderful world of piano.

In short time, you will be able to play piano and keyboard with confidence and enjoyment. At the end of the course you will be able to play several songs per score or by ear.

Firstly watch the course introduction video below:

Topics of the online piano course for beginners

  • Songs from the classical, popular and folkloric repertoire
  • Musical theory (from the book Musical Theory, by L. Alves)
  • Technique exercises (from the book Exercises for Piano and Keyboards, by L. Alves)
  • Playing by imitation and by reading sheet music
  • Chord symbols, chords and inversions (from the book of Chords Dictionary, by L. Alves)
  • Scales in various keys (from the book Scales for Improvisation, by L. Alves)
  • How to play by ear
  • Piano techniques
  • Tests of note and chord symbol reading
  • Accompaniments of ballad, rock, jazz and pop music

The didactics have been developed in a way that you learn how to play effectively and enjoyably. Lessons are introduced step by step: first you will learn about musical notes, finger numbers, correct posture and how to practice.

Soon you will start playing, first with your right hand then with your left hand and finally with both hands together. Several theory, technique and sight reading lessons were added in parallel to the learning of the songs.

Besides, many tests, quizzes and practice activities have been included. The regions of the piano are gradually explored, always using songs as a base.

Gradually, you will play all the keys including the black ones. At this point, more complex pieces and lessons on chords and chord symbols are introduced.

Then, come the classes about hand crossing, arpeggios and split chords. So, you can master the piano and the musical language as a whole.

To get the most out of the course, complete the 16 quizzes and take the 21 tests. 

Music sheet

All PDF scores of the course are free and linked to each lesson via the Resources button. Therefore, you can view them on screen or print them on any printer. In addition, the scores are also in the e-book “Coletânea para Piano Nível Iniciante” (Portuguese version only) which you can purchase separately through the Internet, if you wish.

Enjoy your course!


Luciano Alves is the founder of the music school CTMLA, based in Rio de Janeiro since 2003 and began teaching piano in his youth. Consequently, all the experience acquired throughout his career as a musician and teacher is shared in this course through video lessons, sheet music with note names, detailed fingerings, theory lessons recorded from the screen, scores in PDF etc.

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