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Online Piano Course for Beginners with Luciano Alves

Luciano Alves (Online Piano Course)

Online Piano Course for Beginners with teacher Luciano Alves.

Special price from this site: $9.99 (pay only once). Use the coupon: SITELUCIANO-Eng

  • 180 Lessons
  • 56 Songs
  • 14 Practice activities
  • 21 Tests
  • 16 Quizzes
  • 150 Sheet music and examples in PDF
  • 22 Technique exercises
  • 19 Theory classes
  • Various accompaniment lessons (ballad, rock, jazz, blues etc.)
  • Full lifetime access
  • Available for smarhphones and tablets iOS and Android
  • Certificate of completion


This course was specially created for Beginners and for those who wish to resume their studies. Through enjoyable practical and theoretical lessons, Luciano reveals precious tips and tricks for students of all ages who wish to enter or to improve their knowledge in the wonderful world of piano. In short time, you will be able to play piano and keyboard by ear and by reading sheet music.

General content

    • Songs from the classical, popular and folkloric repertoire 
    • Musical theory (from the book Musical Theory, by Luciano Alves) 
    • Technique exercises (from the book Exercises for Piano and Keyboards, by Luciano Alves) 
    • Playing by imitation and by reading sheet music 
    • Chord symbols, chords and inversions (from the book of Chords Dictionary, by Luciano Alves) 
    • Scales in various keys (from the book Scales for Improvisation, by Luciano Alves) 
    • How to play by ear 
    • Piano techniques 
    • Tests of note and chord symbol reading 
    • Accompaniments of ballad, rock, jazz and pop music 
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